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Friends Only

You see, everybody is somebody,
But nobody wants to be themselves.
And if I ever wanted to ever understand me,
I’d have to talk to someone else.


I post a lot about my life. I like to look back and wonder who I was.
I love meeting people with open minds.
I add almost everyone back [ minus bots ].
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Lyssss, let me inn.
Of course. ♥

ps. I love your new name.


sorry if this is unwanted, please delete.
join now please please please :)
add me?
done. :)
Sure. :)
i saw you on the lj community. add me?
Of course. I love your layout, by the way!
Hey. Just letting you know that empireslj is active once again and if you could vote and post on there, it'd be great. If you're thinking about leaving the community, please let me know (hopefully not though).

If you haven't posted an application on there yet, please do so ASAP.

Also, if you've been denied, please delete the community from your friends.


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August 13 2007, 02:19:36 UTC 9 years ago

hey, i don't know if you remember me sending you an email...i just wanted to know it you ever received the reply i sent back lol. i don't want to be thought of as a horrible person--i remember replying i just don't know if it went through lol.

Deleted comment

ah! sorry! i did reply but it wouldn't let me send so i gave up. grr, stupid livejournal. those items sound good. :) i'm really excited for this. how much is it costing you? (you can email me this if you want or screen your post)

Deleted comment

yup! :) i haven't sent it out yet. i will in a few days probably. i've been dealing so much with the post office this past month, haha. sending so many things out. that's not bad! where did you send to?

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

hahah. i went to wal mart. :x wasn't too bad. :) i'm worried about shipping costs. >.>

there are others!?

Deleted comment

awww. never heard of it!

i spent $17 on shipping, and it was 1.6kg. o_o

Deleted comment

yeah! i got mine in early sept and i sent mine out just over a week ago. :x when you went to the post office, did you get a tracking number? check over your bill.

Deleted comment


did your partner ever receive her package?