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Easter Sunday

   Dante wakes me up this morning.  Grrr, dogs.  Definitely something I'm not used to.  I give up and go back to sleep.
   I eat waffles and homemade maple syrup for breakfast.  I have never tasted anything so divine in my life.  Wow.  Then, I figure out an ingenious way to use my cassette-to-auxilliary-jack-thing by putting it in... a cassette player.  I don't have to listen to earphones any longer! 
   I clean my room and find an awesome keepsake that I hadn't seen in a long time.  When I was ten, my best childhood friend and I went to Chinatown in Toronto with his mom.  We both got rings at this tiny house that was converted into a store.  This seems super fitting because it's a rabbit (for Easter, duh), and because we still see each other on holidays. 

   Dad takes me driving at two.  My suckiness is still going strong on the stick front.  I wish I could get better, but it will come in time.  I just know I'll be laughing at this post later. 
   Once I get home, I put pictures up on my wall like so:  :)  The two on the left and the middle right one were $3 each at a thrift store.  FTW.  I have a weird feeling that I'm gonna spend a ton of time at the thrift store this summer. 

   It feels like the first time in a long time that math has come in handy.  I measure out 14" from each wall. 
   Then, I knit. Every time I knit something, people are always like, "Wow, what are you knitting?" Then I don't know what to say, and everything I knit seems to turn into a scarf.  I would tell people I'm knitting a square because I'm bored since it's the truth, but that seems so boring.  What should I tell people? 
   I keep telling myself I should make a blanket.  It sounds so epic.  

   I spend the rest of the night on YouTube.  I've already lost count of how much candy I've eaten today.
   UPDATE:  Forty-five minutes later!

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